Baby Doll Pizza offers authentic, New York style pizza featuring dough, sauces, and cheeses made in-house by classically trained chef and owner Travis Miranda.  Premium toppings include locally-sourced vegetables and house-made meats like brisket and sausages.  Pineapple is not permitted on our pizza, although it’s best to ask Travis for the reason in person.  To compliment our pizza and sandwiches, Baby Doll offers a rotating selection of local and regional wines and beers on tap and by the bottle. Baby Doll Pizza takes its name from the Baby Doll Lounge, a topless bar owned by Travis’s grandfather on the corner of Church and White streets in the Tribeca neighborhood of Manhattan.  Born and raised in New York City, Travis attended the University of Oregon before pursuing his passion for food at the prestigious Culinary Institute of America.  Armed with classical culinary training and a palette for pizza honed on the streets of New York, Travis returned to Portland to bring proper New York style pizza to the Pacific Northwest.